Founded in 1999

MicroAppData is a technology firm that focuses on the delivery of innovative solutions to service providers in the health sector. The business seeks to extend a consistent revenue cycle to customers while on an incessant pursuit of healthcare management solutions.

The company was founded on the backdrop of the growing need for reliable and easier management of healthcare data and information that is initially found in hard copy format. The organization's efforts towards enhancing data management capabilities for healthcare service providers are motivated by the available technology advancements coupled with their ability for using the technologies to empower these organizations.
Realization of Efficiency
Reduction of Production Costs
Medical Necessity Compliance
Preservation of Information

Company’s Vision

The company's efforts see healthcare organizations secure capabilities for delivering affordable and quality services as opposes to delays that are characteristic in an environment where quantity data is applied. The firm additionally, believes in the possibility of the realization of efficiency, diminishing errors and a reduction of production costs thanks to the integration of decision making structures with technology.

The organization's devotion to seeing their vision for the healthcare service providers realized is evident in a determination to stick to their belief in spite of the manifesting challenges. The organization operates in a setting marred with challenges of discrepancies in the realization of corresponding levels of achievement in the retirement of legacy systems and medical necessity compliance. The firm's understanding of the problems that manifest through the lack of grasp of the significance of these services governs its determination to overcome these challenges.

Its internal stakeholders work towards maintaining compliance with prevailing policies in the making of valued decisions at the same time, guaranteeing the preservation of information in the handling of the retirement of legacy systems.